Custom Promotional Tech Kits

Well, well! I've been waiting for this moment to dazzle you with magical tricks you’ve never seen before. My show will be the most spectacular you’ve ever experienced- more daring than Houdini's greatest act of climbing inside a steel drum filled with water, padlocked shut with several locks and chains, and, of course, after several minutes, Houdini will escape unscathed. It doesn't get much better or cooler than this, so don’t delay; buy your tickets now while they last because there is no guarantee when these events could happen again (unless he decides to come back). So what do ya say? Want some exciting entertainment? It’s time to get those sets of eyes wide open.

Let's see here...I think uttering "Optamark!" sent those rabbits somewhere, and they vanished like a puff of smoke. Yes, that's exactly the magic word, Optamark! What do you make of that? Let me try it again. With another swoosh of my magic wand, I'll summon those pesky bunnies for another round of chasing. Oh, wait! What are we witnessing here? A slew of custom promotional tech kits have been assembled! Wasn't that what you had in mind when you were thinking about it? Custom tech kits are what we're all about! You had the idea that you needed a great giveaway for your customers and employees, something that would get people talking about your brand and thinking about what you have to offer. Honestly, if that does not strike you as magical, I don't know what will!

When I perform, people frequently comment that my style is similar to that of David Blaine or Criss Angel. However, there are no other illusionists who specialize in promotional products like myself, so that may be true. So, if you're looking for something truly unique and different from the majority of magic acts currently performing on the circuit, look no further. I'm an original because I'm the only one who has ever done it. So it turns out that I am one of a kind after all. That just goes to show how unique and exceptional my performance truly is: no one else has ever performed it before me, and they are unlikely to do so in the future..

1...2...3... there you have it! TThe one-of-a-kind Jolt Premium Power Kit has arrived! It comes with a Jolt Charger, a 5V/1A car adapter, a 5V/1A power adapter, and a micro USB to USB charging cable, among other things. It's perfect for the office, the car, and just about anywhere else. The promotional Travel Chargers Kit is equipped with two USB ports as well as an LED ring that illuminates the logo area in the event of a power failure. When plugged into a standard wall outlet, the AC Mobile Charger charges your mobile devices through a standard USB port on the device. A variety of gadgets can be stored in the Accessory Pouch TM, which is made of Neoprene and has a zippered closure and a carabiner for easy access.

If you can't get enough of those magical custom tech kits, then allow me to demonstrate some of my other abilities to you. Look! The moment of truth has arrived... boom... It’s the custom Tech kits, which feature a Tech Sleeve, a pen and stylus, and a screen cleaning cloth. This promotional tech bundle is small enough to fit in most bags, purses, and pockets without bulging. And you've got something up your sleeve! Even if you already have a bunch of scarves and a bunny stashed away in your closet. Wait... What happened to that rabbit? Oh my goodness. Do you happen to know someone who is fast enough to do some chasing?

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Aaytee™ Voice- Activated Robot - Optamark

Aaytee™ Voice- Activated Robot

Disc Wireless Charging Pad - Optamark

Disc Wireless Charging Pad

Graphite Drawstring Sportspack with Earbud - Optamark

Graphite Drawstring Sportspack with Earbud

Handy Tek Pocket - Optamark

Handy Tek Pocket

Kikkerland Emergency Tech Kit - Optamark

Kikkerland Emergency Tech Kit

Leatherette Squeeze Tech Pouch - Optamark

Leatherette Squeeze Tech Pouch

Lunchbox Tech Kit - Optamark

Lunchbox Tech Kit

McStreamy - Microphone & Light Ring - Optamark

McStreamy - Microphone & Light Ring

MiiR (R) Olympus Tech Organizer - Optamark

MiiR (R) Olympus Tech Organizer

Mobile Office Commuter Sleeve - Optamark

Mobile Office Commuter Sleeve

Quake Wireless Charging Pad - Optamark

Quake Wireless Charging Pad

Running Belt Fanny Pack - Optamark

Running Belt Fanny Pack

Silicone Smart Wallet - Optamark

Silicone Smart Wallet