Custom Candies

Optamark provides a wide range of custom candies and jellies that meet your texture, appearance, clarity, and elasticity specifications. Optamark offers the ideal candy as a stabilizer, emulsifier, and gelling or thickening agent with various starches and proteins. Our pea starch stands out for its excellent gelling properties; its high amylose content allows for the substitution of gum arabic and gelatin, providing Optamark with cost-effective alternatives.

Have trouble finding the right candy or jelly to meet your needs?

Optamark has you covered. We provide a large selection of personalized custom candies and jams that adhere to your requirements for texture, appearance, clarity, and elasticity. In addition, our pea starch stands out for its superior gelling abilities; thanks to its high amylose content, it enables Optamark to replace gum arabic and gelatin with more affordable options.

Gourmet Candies

Optamark's gourmet custom candies are made in small batches in a kettle using a century-old recipe. We didn't change Grandma's recipe ideas because they were so good. Our gourmet custom candies are made with high-quality ingredients like real butter, heavy cream, and Madagascar vanilla.

Our gourmet custom candies are homemade flavor and color. They are individually wrapped in premium caramel. You'll have a soft bite that won't stick to your teeth.

Jelly Beans Supreme

Are you organizing a party? Do you need to restock your candy bowl or vending machine? Looking for the ideal present to make someone's day? Fresh from the manufacturer, Optamark's jelly beans are the perfect addition to your loot bags and trinkets.

Jelly Beans by Optamark are in Cherry Grape, Green Apple, Lemon, Orange, and Strawberry flavors.

Enjoy your favorite high-quality, tasty treats for less. Optamark purchases the freshest jelly beans direct from the manufacturer, ensuring OUTSTANDING QUALITY and GREAT VALUE. We promise that every one of our items is FRESH. In addition, the jelly beans are expertly wrapped in individual heat-sealed packets for tamper-evident freshness.

A new version of the multi-flavor jelly bean stand-up pouch makes a unique and mouthwatering gift for your loved ones.

The jelly bean candy bag is free of gelatin, milk, eggs, and other dairy products and has zero grams of fat.

These jelly beans are vegetarian, gluten-free, and certified Kosher. There are 400 beans per pound and only four calories for each bean.

Everyone will love these delicious wild flavors. You'll feel fantastic when you give these jelly beans to your buddies.

Candy Pillow Packs

You can contain all of these sweets in Optamark’s custom candy pillow packs. This implies you will have enough room to stuff the bags to the brim with anything from the tastiest candies to the tiniest toys.

With these custom candies pillow packs, you can reel in compliments. These candy goody bags are a treat to the eyes with a sweet candy design and bright, fun colors. These pillow packs are sure to impress at a birthday, baby shower, wedding, or work event.

These custom candies pillow packs are strong plastic and can withstand a heavy load. This also makes it easier for children to carry their pillow packs home. For ages three and up!

Looking for loot bags to hand out during your party? These custom candies pillow packs give you the ability to impress your guests with various treats. Check out our selection of one-of-a-kind favors and gifts to make these pillow packs a memorable success.

What makes these adorable custom candies pillow packs so delightful? They can be put to use in a variety of ways. These tiny pillow packs will meet your needs whether you're looking for custom candies bags for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, or party favor bags.

Gourmet Plastic Tube (Small) - Optamark

Gourmet Plastic Tube (Small)

Life Savers Singles - Optamark

Life Savers Singles

Medium Pillow Pack - Optamark

Medium Pillow Pack

Pride Cube Collection w/ Rainbow Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Pride Cube Collection w/ Rainbow Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Pride Cube Collection w/ Rainbow Sour Belts

Pride Cube Collection w/ Rainbow Sour Belts

Treat Eat Repeat Dish With Jelly Beans - Optamark

Treat Eat Repeat Dish With Jelly Beans