Custom Promotional Lanyards

Choosing the perfect lanyard for you

Custom promotional Lanyards with a split key ring attachment for badge pouches are ideal for short-term events like conferences and trade shows. In order to personalize with more detailed images and color photography, use full-color custom promotional lanyards (also known as satin or woven lanyards).

The safety breakaway and detachable clip of custom lanyards should be used for long-term daily use, such as holding keys and identification tags for manufacturing and maintenance teams or coaching staff. Consider reflective custom promotional lanyards for night-time workers, such as security guards.

Everyday Uses of Lanyards

There has been an increase in the number of companies requiring their employees to carry photo IDs at all times. Because of this, we are seeing an increase in the use of custom promotional lanyards in the workplace.

There is no need to attach anything to your clothing with custom promotional lanyards, which can hold IDs, badges, and even keys. Custom promotional Lanyards are a common workplace accessory for professionals in a wide range of fields, from medical to academic.

1. Colleges and Universities: Students and Employees

One of the first things students receive on college and university campuses across the country is a student ID. Year after year, that translates to millions of impressions for your company's brand.

2. Corporations' headquarters

You should always have visitor ID badge custom promotional lanyards on hand at the front reception area of large law firms, financial institutions, and insurance companies. The first step in ensuring the safety of both the company and its employees is to identify any visitors.

3. Concert and Event Personnel

For sporting events like football games and concerts, staff members wear badges that allow them to access backstage or on the field. Using a custom lanyard around the neck, they can easily access these restricted areas with the flash of an ID badge!

4. Public sector employees

Custom promotional Lanyards are an essential item for state and government employees because they work in a highly secure environment and use a secure ID to access different parts of the building. The combination of printed lanyards and a badge holder makes it easy to wear a secure ID badge. Custom promotional Lanyards with a reflective strip are useful in low-light and nighttime situations.

5. Health Clubs and Gyms

Hand out custom promotional lanyards with membership cards attached. Keep track of members' ID cards while also generating advertising revenue.

6. Medical professionals

When it comes to keeping track of supplies and medications, custom promotional lanyards are a necessity for everyone from doctors and nurses to custodians and supply managers. Retractable badge reels make it easy to keep IDs clean by allowing them to be worn close to the body. Custom promotional Lanyards with an antimicrobial coating should be used in healthcare environments.

7. Hospitality

The front desk, concierge, housekeeping, and maintenance staff at hotels and resorts have access to areas that aren't open to the public because they wear access cards and keys on their custom promotional lanyards.

8. Media

Without a press pass, media reporters know they can't get the scoop. They understand that. So, custom promotional lanyards are an excellent choice for them as well!

9. Teachers

With their ID badge, most teachers and administrators carry two keys. Using branded lanyards, they will be able to show off their school spirit while keeping their keys close at hand.


Thank you for visiting our printed Lanyard Buying Guide. Finding the best custom lanyards for your needs means knowing what each type of branded lanyard is for and when it is best used.

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We offer a wide range of custom promotional lanyards, from the most basic to the most elaborate. One-color screen prints or dye sublimation prints with your company's branding and logo running the entire length of the material are both options that we can provide.

Plain, non-branded ID custom promotional lanyards are available for immediate shipment to customers with tight deadlines who require custom lanyards now.

Custom promotional Lanyards, ID holders, and badge holders can all be personalized now. Customize the printing and have them delivered quickly. Custom promotional lanyards can be printed, woven, eco-friendly, or even molded in PVC, and we have a wide variety to choose from. It is a no-brainer that our prices and turnaround times are among the best in the industry.

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5/8" Polyester Lanyard

5/8" Polyester Lanyard

Full Color 3/4" Premium Lanyard w/ Ring

Full Color 3/4" Premium Lanyard w/ Ring

Full Color 3/8" Lanyard w/ Ring

Full Color 3/8" Lanyard w/ Ring

Hang In There Lanyard - Optamark

Hang In There Lanyard

Lanyard with Lobster Clip - Optamark

Lanyard with Lobster Clip

Maverick 1" Polyester Lanyard w/ Slide Buckle Release, Silver Metal Oval & Convenience Release - Optamark

Maverick 1" Polyester Lanyard w/ Slide Buckle Release, Silver Metal Oval & Convenience Release