Custom Promotional Folders

There are many types of custom promotional folders. Optamark offers plenty of options to suit your company's needs. Our team of experts is here to help you customize them with a unique design, logo, or message. We can even tailor them to match other styles of office supplies and branded folders for more cohesive branding.

We have different kinds of custom folders in various sizes. When less space is needed to get the job done, we have small custom promotional folders. They tend to be more affordable and a bit faster to produce. Large personalized printed folders are better for big events and handling large accounts, as they can house more documents and keep everything organized while on the go. Our promotional legal-size custom folders are our biggest option and a great choice for formal events and for sending out documents of high importance. They have a professional look and are popular in the legal and real estate industries.

Similar to the kind most students and teachers use in the classroom, our custom promotional folders help you organize and keep everything in one place. We have models with single pockets, double pockets, and even three-panel designs. There are many different colors, textures, and sizes to choose from. Our custom gloss paper custom promotional folders give off an elegant appeal with a slight sheen. The extra coating withstands consistent use a bit better than other materials. If your business is looking to go green, our promotional eco-friendly recycled presentation custom folders are a great pick. They're made from sturdy yet Earth-friendly Kraft paper. Another option can be found in our custom promotional folders. They're a slightly more formal style and may include die-cut slots for holding business cards.

There are many ways to promote a business with custom promotional folders, hotel key cardholders, and the other items in our collection. They can be passed out as trade show giveaways, provided to participants at conferences and seminars, given away at retail stores, and much more. Our promotional company-branded folders can be handed out door-to-door or placed on windshields to advertise a new restaurant or business or as tools for a political campaign.

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