Custom Rigid Signs and Custom Magnets 


Promotional custom rigid signs and custom magnets are an affordable, high-impact advertising method that can significantly boost your brand awareness. They're also versatile: they can be used to advertise in front of a business, at events, or even on the go. Customizing these promotional items ensures that they are one-of-a-kind to your company. Here's a primer on custom rigid signs and custom magnets.

Promotional rigid signs and magnets are cost-effective ways to boost branding.

Custom rigid signs and custom magnets are a great way to increase brand awareness.

Custom rigid signs offer an affordable advertising method with a high impact that can last for years. printed rigid signs are durable and eye-catching, making them a great choice for large businesses or small businesses looking to impact their customers.

Customized promotional products are also cost-effective ways to boost branding. Customized promotional products can be used as giveaways at conventions or tradeshows, placed in mailers or sent through email campaigns, handed out at networking events—the list goes on! You can brand promotional items with your logo and contact details to make sure that consumers see them every day.

Additional Uses for Rigid Signs and Magnets

Printed rigid signs and magnets are great for promotional products, company merchandise, and company swag. There are numerous reasons to consider using custom rigid signs for your marketing needs. The most important reason is brand awareness because these materials are printed with your brand's name or logo.

Customers will see them every day (or night), increasing the likelihood that they will remember who you are when they need a product or service similar to yours in the future. There's also something to be said about having something tangible that they can hold onto as a reminder of your brand instead of just seeing it on TV or online all the time – it has more impact!

Custom Rigid Signs

Custom rigid signs are a sturdy, economical, and effective method to promote your business. You can use your own custom rigid sign for a number of things, such as:

  • To promote or advertise your business or brand
  • To create an eye-catching display at an event or trade show
  • For direct mail campaigns, including postcards and brochures

Custom Magnets

A fantastic approach to getting your brand in front of clients and potential clients is with personalized custom magnets. They're inexpensive, easy to create and use, and can be used at trade shows, conferences, events—really anywhere you want to get your name out there. Use them as giveaways or prizes for winners in a contest or promotion. Or hand them out to clients who purchase from you or refer their friends and family members.

It doesn't matter what kind of business you have; custom magnets can help drive sales from potential leads while also creating a buzz around your brand!

Flag Signs

Flag signs are a great way to attract attention. They can be used to advertise a special event or to sell products and services. Because they're made of durable materials that won't get damaged in windy conditions, flag signs can be set up quickly and easily; all you have to do is attach them to posts or poles, and they'll stand on their own with no hassle at all. Another benefit of flag signs is that they're easy to transport: simply roll them up when you're done using them! If you want custom signage that's flexible enough for any situation, flag signs are the way to go.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a great way to advertise your business or organization. They're easy to set up and take down, are durable and long-lasting, can be used in all weather conditions, are affordable, and are versatile.

Sandwich Boards

A sandwich board is a great way to advertise on the go. They are lightweight and portable, so you can easily transport them to events or businesses for your advertising needs. They are best for short-term advertising campaigns, as they may not hold up well over time.

Custom rigid signs and magnets create an affordable, high-impact advertising method to boost your brand awareness.

Custom rigid signs and custom magnets can be used to promote your brand, business, or event. They are cost-effective, versatile, and impactful.

Custom rigid signs are great for a wide range of purposes. Some ideas include:

  • Advertising special offers and sales in retail stores
  • Promoting new products or services to existing customers
  • Promoting an upcoming event at a venue (such as a concert or sports match)


We hope you found this article useful! If you want to get started on your next custom rigid sign or custom magnet, contact us today.

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