Custom Promotional Bags!

What’s in a custom bag? The better question is: what’s not in a custom promotional Bag? Used by everyone from kindergarten teachers to high-powered CEOs, custom promotional bags are universal, everyday items that make the perfect promotional tool.

With Optamark you'll have the opportunity to create the next generation of custom promotional bags for retail stores, health clubs, schools, hospitals and more. By working with our design team to select the custom promotional bag of your choice, your company will be able to market your branded bag that is now more convenient, comfortable and stylish than ever.

If you're looking for wholesale custom promotional bags that your customers and employees will love, and can use over and over again, then we have what you need. We carry custom promotional bags in every color, with many features for different uses. If you want to stand out at trade shows, fairs, and other similar events, we keep custom bags, backpacks, messenger bags, shopping totes, duffel bags, insulated cooler bags and more in stock. We've also worked with reputable brands like Canyon®, New Era®, Igloo®, and The North Face® to bring you stylish, durable luggage, briefcases, and checkpoint-friendly backpacks your clients will simply love.

Have fun creating a customized look that captures your brand’s personality with our selection of custom promotional bags. Choose from a variety of fabrics like canvas, polyester, and mesh. Choose colors like white, sport blue, or red to stand out in a crowd and make a statement. Or, create a more professional look for your business clients with travel-ready garment bags in basic black. Opt for reflective material that is suitable for walking at night or for runners who use their custom bags as reflectors when training outdoors. We offer all sorts of sizes, ranging from compact lunch totes, to spacious duffel bags, to convenient laptop backpacks that fit under airplane seats. The possibilities for personalization are too many to count!

A personalized custom bag is an effective and affordable way to display your company logo, address, phone number, or any other message you want to convey to potential and current clients. Custom promotional bags serve as a constant and easily accessible reminder of your business. Pockets and dividers help personalize the custom bags according to their intended use. If you’re giving out sports gear, we’ve got pockets for goggles and balls; if it’s school supplies, we have separate compartments for pens, pencils, scissors, rulers, erasers, calculators, rulers, folders—whatever your customers will be carrying most.

Custom promotional bags are great for gifts, too. Teachers can enjoy many uses for their customized totes and lunch bags, including keeping artwork and supplies organized and carrying lunches to school each day. Custom promotional bags can make great party favors as well.

However you decide to use them, consider our custom promotional bags an affordable marketing tool for your company or organization. They are attractive options for trade shows, employee incentives, customer loyalty programs, events, fundraisers, and other campaigns. Choose from backpack styles with padded straps, tote styles with shock cord loops for easy carrying, or large zippers on the back of backpacks so your customers can easily access their belongings. We’ve even got great custom bags sets for families on the go.

So what will your customers be packing in their personalized bags? How about books, sports gear, or an extra pair of shoes? The beauty is you can choose exactly what to put into the custom promotional bags that are made to order for you by Optamark. We have tons of custom logos available. We’ll place your logo on our custom bags so you can start spreading your marketing message immediately.

Let us help you pick the right branded bags to fit your needs and budget today.

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