Custom Carving Board

Are you looking for a unique kitchen accessory or a thoughtful housewarming gift for colleagues, friends, and family? With our broad collection of custom carving boards in a variety of designs, shapes, and wood types, we make your shopping simple.

Not all woods are the same.

Only a few of the thousands of tree species in our natural world are regularly used to make custom carving boards and butcher blocks. But why are maple, walnut, cherry, teak, and bamboo popular woods while pine, fir, and cedar are not? It turns out that there are many factors to consider when selecting the best raw materials for printed carving boards:


Hard, tight-grained woods should be used to make custom carving boards. The majority of custom carving boards are made from hardwood trees. Hardwoods are flowering plants that are angiosperms. Consider maple, oak, and birch. Softwoods are gymnosperms that account for 80% of the world's timbers.

Another difference is that hardwoods have pores to transport water, whereas softwoods use a different mechanism known as medullary rays. Because of their higher density, they are harder and more durable than softwoods. They are an excellent material for custom carving boards because they do not score easily. Knife cuts and scratches create an uneven cutting surface, allowing bacteria and water to enter the board.

Wood Toxicity

For woodworkers who are exposed to raw materials and wood dust, wood poisoning is a worry. Wood toxicity can cause hypersensitivity, poisoning, and other unpleasant side effects. Whether the wood is suitable for food is brought up even though the average custom carving board user isn't exposed to wood dust. When using rare or exotic woods that are not frequently utilized in carving board construction, it is crucial to remember that oils and resin can leak into the meal you are preparing.

The perfect gift for epicureans

The perfect gift for any person who loves to cook and entertain in their home, our custom carving board is an original and thoughtful way to show your appreciation. With various designs, shapes, and wood types available, finding the right way to customize this hardwood item with your message is straightforward. Perfect for housewarming gifts or holiday gifts, you can also select a design from one of our custom fonts.

The Epicurean Gourmet Custom Carving Board is a heat-resistant board that's perfect for slicing and dicing. Our carving board will last through even the toughest tasks, made from heavy-weight acrylic and featuring high-quality birch wood construction. Knife friendly, dishwasher safe, and oven safe to 350 degrees, it's easy to clean and conveniently portable. You'll love using this printed carving board on your family's favorite foods—from chicken wings to steaks and chops!

Buy your carving boards at Optamark!

A custom carving board is the most thoughtful gift for chefs and cooks. Not only does it look great in your kitchen, but it also enables the safe handling of raw meat, poultry, and fish. In addition, wood has a natural resistance to bacteria and gives your meat a healthier flavor than plastic.

Optamark sells only sustainable or renewable printed carving boards and butcher blocks; other sellers are less conscientious about their source. When choosing a custom carving board, it's crucial to consider the effects on the environment, especially if the wood is one you're not familiar with. Do your research and chop responsibly.


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Bamboo Cutting Board W/Knife

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