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Optamark leads the way in custom promotional home and auto tools with products that boast long lasting performance and practical use. We’ve helped numerous companies boost their brand awareness through these effective custom home products. Many of our most popular items are featured here, but new finds are always coming on board. We’re here to offer our expertise should you need help distinguishing which is best for your company or event.

We could go on and on with the list of category specific custom home products that we carry. The key is finding a category that is appropriate for your brand, one where your customers will most appreciate the item you choose. Custom home product is where our brand professionals put their years of experience to use for your benefit. We take the time to learn your company and the target audience to find the best suited branded home items.

Optamark offers some of the most innovative automobile care products on the market, all crafted with cutting edge research and development. These superior automotive tools are protected by an extensive list of patents, all designed to make your cleaning and maintenance easier than ever. Our custom home products are perfect for car dealerships looking to increase brand awareness, auto shops trying to sell more services, or anyone looking to add some style to their garage with printed home products.

Optamark's custom home products are designed to promote any business in an efficient fashion. Whether it's for employee incentives or direct mail campaigns, printed home products like our key finder/ tracker literally put your brand into your customer’s hands.

We also offer an amazing line of custom home products that provide the ultimate protection for your indoor and outdoor space. Our branded home products are engineered to make your life easier, from grills to furniture to coverings to cleaning products and kitchen utensils.

For instance, brand our customizable microplush blankets with your logo or text to provide clients or employees with an effective, useful custom home product that will stay in their homes for many years to come. Soft and extremely plush, these blankets are sure to keep you warm and cozy year after year. Our fleece blankets are a highly versatile printed home product. They can be used as a throw for a sofa or a comfy covering for a daybed. They are ideally suited for your customers and employees who work from home, but need to step outside of work mode and relax. The only problem is, our custom blankets are so comfortable you may have trouble leaving them behind!

A personalized carving board is the ultimate gift for your clients and employees who are foodies or double as chefs in their private time. The thing is, carving boards are a necessity for any meal, whether you're slicing up the Thanksgiving turkey, or simply slicing up some apples for your kid's lunchbox. Even though the recipient may not be in a business setting, they’re sure to think of your company every time they whip this branded home product out.

Our personalized carving boards make the perfect gift for any holidays, giveaways or even as an end of year thank you. This useful custom home product can be customized with 4 lines of free personalization, making it the perfect gift for families, couples, homesick college students - anyone! Available in several woods, these boards are expertly carved with a name or saying of your choice for a great gift that lasts a lifetime.

Optamark has become the preferred marketing tool for companies of all sizes who are looking to gain more exposure for their brand. Our vast custom home product offerings help us create printed home products that will give your company the exposure it needs to grow.

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