Custom Dry-Erase Products


Are you looking for a way to get your brand out there? Optamark is the perfect solution. We are an online supplier of custom dry-erase products that can help you put your brand on display for all to see. Our products are great for offices, schools, and homes alike!

Custom-Printed Dry-Erase Boards

There are many uses for custom dry-erase products boards. They can be used to post messages, reminders, and notes in visible locations around the office or home.

They can also be used as company promotional materials--for example, on the sides of your building, where passersby will see them every day and remember your business name when it comes time for their next purchase.

Dry-erase boards are easy to use, too: just write on them with a dry-erase marker (available at any office supply store) and wipe clean when needed!

Custom Dry-Erase Decals

Dry-erase decals provide an easy way to keep track of important messages or reminders. You can post them in visible locations or use them as promotional materials. Custom dry-erase products decals are made from a durable vinyl material that can be applied to any smooth surface and wiped clean when the message no longer applies.

Whether you’re creating custom dry-erase products for your business or at home, Optamark has what you need!

Custom Dry-Erase Magnets

Custom dry-erase magnets are perfect for posting messages and reminders in visible locations - or as company promotional materials.

Magnetic dry-erase boards are great for posting notes and reminders in visible locations - or as company promotional materials.

Dry-Erase Adhesive Vinyl

Dry-erase adhesive vinyl is a great option if you need something that sticks to walls, windows, and other surfaces. It's perfect for posting messages or reminders in visible locations where people will see them—like in classrooms, conference rooms, offices, or lobbies. It can also be used as promotional materials for your business or organization.

Dry-erase adhesive vinyl comes in two different forms: self cling and magnetic. Self cling can be applied directly onto clean dry glass while magnetic requires a magnetic surface underneath it (such as steel). When using either type of custom dry erase product keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure whatever surface you're applying the product to is clean first! Any dirt on the wall/window will prevent adhesion from working properly—so wipe down well before applying the decal material itself!

Dry-Erase Aluminum Sandwich Board

If you want to make a big impression on customers, opt for our dry-erase aluminum sandwich board. This stand-alone sign is a great way to promote your business or event and can be used as a standalone display or with a custom printed graphic. It's easily portable and lightweight, so it's easy to take with you wherever you go.

Dry-Erase Coroplast

Let's say you want to use dry-erase surfaces in your office, but the budget doesn't allow for a custom wall-mounted solution. What do you do? You could use standard dry-erase boards and tape them to walls or paneling. But what if you're trying to create a more professional look in an area with limited space and no budget for overhead solutions?

In that case, consider buying some corrugated plastic (also called "coroplast"). It's lightweight yet rigid enough for its purpose, does not require permanent mounting brackets, and can be cut into shapes using standard cutting tools such as scissors or utility knives—just like cardboard! Coroplast is available in many colors so it will blend seamlessly into its surroundings without sacrificing visual appeal.

Dry-Erase Foamcore

When you need a dry-erase surface that can be used as a poster or presentation, our custom foamcore is the perfect choice. It’s lightweight, easy to transport and store, and can be reused over and over again. Plus, it offers a durable writing surface that’ll last for years!

Our custom foamcore is available in sizes from 24″ x 36″ to 48″ x 96″ so you can create signs for any occasion. They make great promotional tools at trade shows or conventions!

Dry-Erase Magnet

The dry-erase magnet is a great way to display important messages. The magnetic material is durable and reusable, and the product can be used on refrigerators, file cabinets, or other metal surfaces. You can use the magnet to display a schedule or calendar for your office!

Dry-Erase PVC Board

PVC board is a great alternative to dry erase foam core for your custom dry-erase boards. If you're looking for a durable, waterproof material that's easy to clean and maintain, PVC board is the way to go. It's also a better option than magnet boards because it won't rust under humid conditions or collect dust over time.

In addition top its durability and ease of maintenance, PVC board has other advantages over other types of materials. For example:

  • It's light weight and won't dent easily when stacked during shipping (this is especially important if you plan on building large installations).
  • The surface texture provides an excellent writing surface that doesn't wear out quickly like markers can do on some surfaces (such as glass).

Dry-Erase Signicade A-Frame

The A-frame sign is a proven way to advertise your business, event or product. The classic A-frame design makes it easy for people to read the information on your sign from far away. They're portable and come in a variety of sizes and colors—the perfect option if you're looking for something that's straightforward and effective.

Optamark offers unqiue dry erase products for your office, school, or business!

When it comes to dry erase products, Optamark has you covered. We offer a wide selection of dry erase boards, marker boards, nameplates and more.

Our custom dry erase products are available in many sizes and styles—including flip chart stands and easels. They come with durable surfaces that can be written on using any type of marker or pen. We also sell replacement erasers for use with all our products.

Our marker boards are made from high-quality wood materials that last longer than ordinary panels or cardboard alternatives. They're easy to install and provide a sturdy surface for your markers so you can write clearly without having to worry about smudging or fading lines (or accidentally getting your desk wet). Plus, since we offer custom options for these items too—you can get exactly what you need without paying extra costs upfront!

Dry-erase products are perfect for posting messages and reminders in visible locations - or as company promotional materials.

Dry-erase products are perfect for posting messages and reminders in visible locations - or as company promotional materials. Custom dry-erase products are ideal for your office, school, or business. A custom dry-erase board is a great way to promote your brand and your business.

Custom dry-erase boards are a very versatile product that can be used for a variety of purposes like scheduling meetings and planning events. They can also be used as an effective marketing tool by posting sales information that will help customers make buying decisions quickly when it comes time to add new products or services to their personal inventory of items they offer at home or workplaces.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the wide range of custom dry-erase products from Optamark. We’re proud to offer various options, and we know that there is something perfect for every project. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We love hearing from our customers and will do everything possible to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl - Optamark

Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl

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Dry Erase Aluminum Sandwich Board

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