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Looking for a way to make your business card not just stand out, but stand up? Give someone your custom Raised Foil UV business cards and they'll see and truly feel the difference. You'll make an impression on every finger, and in every mind they touch. Raised Foil UV business card printing involves a special spot UV process where a layer of UV ink is applied to your cards on a specified area of your design. Raised Foil layer of UV ink is about 50 microns higher than the surrounding surface, giving your cards an interesting, memorable texture wherever the raised spot UV is applied. Use raised ink on your cards so customers can literally feel your designs and your brand, just like embossed business cards. These Raised Foil cards are popular for businesses of all sizes looking for a way to stand out from the competition. Raised ink cards are also perfect for appointment cards as well. We print raised spot UV business cards in the standard 2" x 3.5" size and on durable 16 pt. velvet soft touch cardstock that elevates the premium texture. .

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2" X 3.5" Raised Foil
2" X 3.5" Raised Foil

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