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0 Comments April 28, 2022

Top 10 Strategies To Include When Marketing Healthcare Items In 2022

Healthcare will continue to evolve. That much is certain. Anybody could have foreseen neither COVID-19 nor 3D organ printing on space. Organ printing is still in progress, but the epidemic has already altered the landscape.

Post-pandemic, most Americans have a more favourable opinion of the healthcare sector. In other words, health systems are more in control than ever before. Consumers’ growing readiness to seek health care on their terms is dubbed the “consumerization of healthcare.”

User experience (UX), personalization, and conversion optimization are all evolving due to this need. This implies that your digital marketing and website tactics need to be up to snuff for the New Year. The following are some current developments that you should be aware of:

1. Healthcare As A Service

As we indicated at the outset, many patients seek more convenient treatment options. Waiting for a COVID-19 test when I can complete it from the comfort of my own home is a waste of time. To ask a question, why bother phoning my doctor when we can send them a message via the patient portal? According to PwC’s study, 77% of professionals said that “new, unconventional care venues” contribute to acceptable results for patients.

2. Telehealth as a Constant Factor in Healthcare

telehealth is a constant factor in healthcare - Custom promotional health and wellness - Optamark

We threw it a question mark since it seems that telehealth has yet to be proven. Telemedicine was extensively employed in the United States at the epidemic’s peak for apparent reasons. Some of us have hotly discussed the fate of telehealth. Telehealth use is declining nationally, but many patients have accepted it and sought out healthcare professionals that provide it.

3. Serious Digital Currency: Social Proof

As recently as the 1980s and 1990s, it was common to ask family or friends to suggest doctors. Online social proof is beginning to supersede personal recommendations for the preferred method of finding what you’re looking for. Digital reviews, comments, and indications of confidence from your brand or service providers are more important to customers than asking their mothers or uncles.

4. Across the Funnel, Patients Require Help

patient require help - Custom promotional health and wellness - Optamark

Having a slew of blog articles and ebooks at the very top of the funnel is so 2021. Going ahead, being at the bottom of funnels or solely focusing on collecting current demand will not be sufficient. Organizations in the healthcare industry need to adopt a more comprehensive approach to raising public awareness.

Why? This is due to the non-linear nature of healthcare journeys. Consider the individual prepared to address an ongoing problem but who does not know who you are or their exact healthcare requirements. Consider where they’re interacting with you on the internet. Searching on Google or social media might be the trigger. Their first port of call may be the URL of your website.

You’ll want a comprehensive library of marketing materials that span the full-funnel, from early contemplation to “purchase-ready.” When the timing is perfect, the goal is to educate and enlighten potential patients, revealing something they may not have known about their healthcare choice.

5. Standard of Excellence Will Be Customization

According to a Salesforce survey, 92 per cent of marketers feel that their consumers and prospects demand individualized experiences. This fact comes from our recent piece on personalization, How to use Marketing Personalization Without Safeguarding Patient Confidentiality (up from 85 per cent in 2020).

6. At Your Own Risk, Ignore Website or Digital User Experience

Healthcare businesses often mistake creating websites that are solely informative or photo-heavy. Even the biggest companies in healthcare have bland or clumsy websites. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in healthcare organizations requesting us to redesign their websites. As Google’s latest page experience upgrade shows, they also understand this.

Health care businesses shouldn’t need persuading in 2022 that their site is their organization’s digital face. They should know this already.

7. Conversion Rate Optimization Offers Benefits

conversion rate optimization offers benefits - Custom promotional health and wellness - Optamark

To understand CRO, you need to know about web design and user experience (UX). CRO will see more investment as healthcare gets more technologically sophisticated. Organizations in the healthcare industry may benefit from their marketing efforts and expenditures more thanks to this digital marketing expertise. It also aids in the refinement of the user experience (UX).

8. SEO Has Changed, but It’s Still Relevant

Consumers of healthcare are also altering SEO in line with the larger consumerization of healthcare. Digital rookies had to use technology to provide medical treatment during the COVID-19 epidemic. Given the lack of health services, they had to be ready to self-diagnose their illnesses.

In short, people use Google to discover suppliers, solutions, and answers to their questions. Siri was summoned to assist them. They used Google Maps to look for neighbouring service suppliers.

9. Marketing Technology Is Going To Become Better Than Before

marketing technology become better - Custom promotional health and wellness - Optamark

Of course, all of the tendencies outlined here rely on and are enabled by technology. Despite the COVID-19 budget reduction, companies are boosting their marketing technology investment. We’ve seen the impact of buyouts in healthcare firsthand, and this trend results from that.

10. As A Result Of New Data Restrictions, Contacting Patients Has Become More Difficult

contacting patients has become more difficult - Custom promotional health and wellness - Optamark

When protecting private health information, you’re well aware of the HIPAA Privacy Rule (PHI). Data Protection Regulation compliance could or might not be an issue for you as a marketer. All healthcare marketers should be aware of these new standards to prevent any problems in the future.

Privacy and changes in digital targeting should be considered in addition to these standard data limits. Cookies in web browsers are no longer used. With iOS 14, Apple made significant changes to how data about its users is collected and used. As a result, your patients will now be easier to contact. Check out some of the Custom promotional health and wellness.


Dozens of new businesses are challenging the status quo in healthcare. While patient demand is a driving force behind this transition, there is more to it than that. Rather than just holding the keys, patients actively drive the process forward.

Rather than trying to stifle them, healthcare marketers need to meet customers where they are at. The popularisation of healthcare is evident in all of the 2022 marketing and advertising themes we’ve discussed so far. Who among the healthcare marketers will have the foresight to see and seize this new opportunity?

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