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0 Comments July 1, 2022

Top 10 Pens To Use To Market Your Brand This Year!

Pens are small in size and comparatively cheaper. But they can be very useful items for promoting your business. Just as essential commodities, a pen is required whether to write a check, write down an order, jot down a number, handing some assignment at the office.

There are myriads of jobs a pen can perform. Moreover, promotional pens could be passed on to other friends and relatives who accept them with great appreciation. This means that custom pens can change hands exponentially. Each time it changes hands, your brand gets exposure. Below are the top 10 pens that can be used to market your brand.

The following are some custom pens:

• Fountain pens
• Felt tip pens
• Stylus pens
• Multi-functional pens

1: Ball Pen

ball pen - custom pens - Optamark

This type of pen is most classic and popular also. It is an ideal gift for anyone who is connected with writing. He may be a business executive or a student. You can get your brand and logos imprinted on its body and give it as freebies. People are so accustomed to ball pens that they accept them as gifts with great appreciation. With your logo on it, the recipient gets the pride of possession of something exclusive.

2: Fountain Pen

If you are on the lookout for a corporate gift for a large number of targeted recipients, a fountain pen will be your best choice. Compared to other writing instruments, you need to put the least pressure on your writing. The fine-point nibs manufactured with the latest fountain pen technology exert perfect control of ink overflow. Thus the writer gets the optimum writing results with the least effort. It also ensures handwriting is better than how it looks when you write with other pens.

3: Stylus Pens

stylus pen - custom pens - Optamark

A stylus pen is considered the best combination with tablets and smartphones. As the name suggests, the style of the pen adds to the perceived value. Stylus pens serve two purposes: to write as a pen and, secondly, to use for the touch screens. Many people consider it a must-to-have tech swag accessory. There will be no need to struggle with the screen if a stylus pen is in hand. Moreover, it adds to the accuracy of typing.

4: Gel Pen

A gel pen uses gel ink, a pigmented water-based ink, instead of the usual ink used in a fountain pen. It leaves a considerably stronger mark on the paper. Thus, it is considered ideal for illustrating and writing purposes. But it is more expensive because of the denser ink.

It is considered ideal as an executive pen, or you may be given away to your employees. Because of the higher cost, the recipient feels valued. You can add it with other promotional products like key chains or tumblers as a still attractive option.

5: Rollerball Pen

Traveling documents such as tickets and passports are required to be tagged together and stored. The roller ball pen facilitates the clipping of these documents. This type of pen clip is designed to click to the side of a book or notebook. The added advantage of such kind of pen is that it is waterproof. This ensures the safety and longevity of the written matters.

6: Grip Pen

grip pen - custom pens - Optamark

The beauty of handwriting depends mainly on the flow of ink and secondly on the grip of holding the same. The grip further depends upon the design. If you are a voluptuous writer, you might have experienced that the pen might tend to slip out of your hand after long hours of continuous writing. That is where the Grip pen comes into ideal use. The elastic grip provides that extra stability required for having a strong grip. These pens can be used for promotional purposes on all occasions.

7: Felt Tip Pen

In this type of pen, the ink dries out quickly. It is particularly useful for people writing by left hand who do not want streaks on their notes. They can also be used for highlighting printed texts. The metal clips are so designed that you can clip them on important papers. They can be used for regular writing also.

8: Technical Pen

As the name suggests, this type of pen is exclusively designed to meet the technical requirements of architects and engineers. They need to make precise lines having uniform width. It is more costly compared to other pens. Therefore, before deciding to use it for promoting your products or services, you should identify the targeted audience. Compared to other pens, technical pens are more durable. You can reuse it by refilling liquid ink. In a way, it is considered a high-profile gift. Therefore, take care to see that your logo and brand are conspicuously printed.

9: Multi-functional Pen

Besides performing the role of writing smoothly, this type of pen plays another role in opening a bottle. Added to these functions, they can be used as a stylus pen to run the screens and as a mini toolkit to serve the petty job of tools. The multi-functionality has made this type of pen popular with people. It comes in a set of notebooks and a drinkware item. The recipients will highly appreciate a gift with so many utilities.

10: Check-Safe Pen

check safe pen - custom pens - Optamark

This type of pen is considered best for ensuring safety. It is an ideal promotional item for banks and financial institutions. To prevent any kind of fraud on checks, the ink is embedded into the paper fiber. As result, criminals cannot erase the ink and manipulate the key details on the check, such as payee and amount payable.


The above top 10 custom pens are the ideal freebies for various occasions. Who does not have a pen? The recipient can present the same to friends and relatives as a token of love and affection. More than 83% of those receiving the promotional pens remember the brand and reciprocate by adhering to the brand. Thus, brand loyalty is established with a very limited financial outlay. Besides, pens have different colors and styles that attract customers.

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