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0 Comments  January 10, 2022

How To Use Promotional Products To Increase Safety At Work?

Before answering the question “how,” we need to know why there is the need to ensure safety; a workplace is where employees get facilities to work for employers. A safe working environment is beneficial both for the employers as well as for the employees. Moreover, it is the right of a worker to get adequate safety at the workplace. Hence, it has become statutory for employers, large and small, to provide workplace safety.

The Need for Safety

  • Any deviation in safety measures has grave consequences on the employees and their families.
  • The extent of risk and chances of the probability of accidents is reduced. To a great extent.
  • Employees get protection from occupational diseases that are specific to certain industries.
  • Safety is increased against unsafe working conditions, workplace violence, environmental hazards, and substance abuse.
  • Provides a sense of belongingness because of the safety and protection. This will lead to higher productivity and better quality of products and services.


Safety and accidents are co-related terms. Accidents occur when safety fails. While introducing safety programs, it is for the employers to train the employees concerning the safety rules to be followed and safety measures to be adopted. Old employees have fewer chances of causing accidents, but new employees are more likely to cause safety failures. The following reasons may be attributable to the same.

  • Ignorance of the safety rules and measures
  • Carelessness, absent-mindedness, and visual distraction while working
  • Interpersonal conversation while working
  • Ignorance of the consequences
  • Faulty operation
  • Lack of motivation or incentive for ensuring safety

Use of Promotional Products

To check the last lacunas as above, employers may consider using promotional products to increase workplace safety.

1. Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses - promotional product

Eyes are most vulnerable, particularly while working in a hazardous environment. Provide safety glasses to your employees while working on welding jobs or when their eyes are more exposed to the work environment. To encourage the employees further, give them a matching reflective safety vest. Besides providing safety, these promotional products increase your brand image in and outside your organizational environment.

2. Germ Repellent

Germ Repellent - promotional product

Germs in the shape of bacteria and viruses are the root cause of many diseases. You do not have to spend much from getting the work environment rid of them. A recent study of a work environment revealed that shortly after germs reached the surface in an office, more than 70% of the workforce fell victim to the effect of a kind of stomach virus.

The best promotional product in such a case is to provide each employee a bottle of hand sanitizer. In the next trade show, you may try to promote hand sanitizer. It is cost-effective and promotion-effective. The logos on the bottles increase your brand identification.

3. Children Welfare

Children Welfare - promotional product

When you launch a promotional product for the children of your employees, it has a two-way effect. Firstly, it increases the children’s health and wellness, and secondly, it urges the employees to be more safety conscious and take adequate measures to avoid accidents. You may choose educational coloring books exhibiting topics such as fire safety or bicycle safety. Kids can assimilate the funny part as well as the serious part of safety. They will be quick enough to urge their parents to pursue safety in their workplace.

4. Outside Promotional Resources

Outside Promotional - promotional product

You may break the convention of limiting the safety promos to your employees. You can associate yourself with the outside world. For instance, hikers can be the best audience of your promos. You may offer Pocket Torch Light to the hikers. You can choose a travel blanket as your promotional product to be given to hikers. These are Micro-fleece and cozy soft of different sizes and colors. It suits for travel and for lounging at home.

You can also target the attendees to trade shows or other particular demographic customers. You can offer 2-in-one key rings for drivers. Your promotional products will have a wider exposure leading to larger applicability.

Bottom-line Relationship

Bottom-line Relationship - promotional product

Increasing safety in the workplace does not have a direct correlation with the bottom line. It is rather an on-going process. Being a statutory aspect, safety is more oriented towards complying with governmental norms and standards. Nevertheless, increasing awareness among employees is a major step towards safety. Employees need financial incentives for increasing productivity. Similarly, they expect to get incentives for increasing safety at the workplace.

Utility Value of Promo Products

Promo Products - safety products

An organization may have different safety issues according to the work hazards prevalent in the respective workplace. You may choose pens for specific sites to identify the company and location and display reminders on hazardous chemicals. You can offer pins and buttons as promotional products for the general safety awareness program.

Although these are cost-effective, employees may not like to use the same. Items such as flashlights or multi-tools are comparatively costlier, but the message they carry remains imprinted on the employees’ minds, and they honestly leave no stone unturned to increase safety in the workplace.

Items for Clients

Items for Clients - promotional product

You may impress your clients by offering them promotional safety products. In addition to increasing clients’ relationships, safety items with your logo increase your band image. You may offer high visibility items such as hard hats; although cost-effective, send a strong message about your workplace’s safety. A well-designed first-aid kit will also reinforce your name recognition.

Other Promotional Products for Consideration

Other Promotional Products - Optamark

You may keep a provision for buying these items by your employees and clients at subsidized rates. These items include clothing and tools, sports bags, binoculars, and survival kits.

The promotion of safety at the workplace needs not to be focused exclusively on your employees alone. Rather, it should have a wider offering and participation. If these are made available at subsidized rates, your clients and employees seeking utility value of items may like to go in for them.

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