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0 Comments  January 12, 2022

How To Choose A Cotton Reusable Mask in 2021

Masks have become an important part of our life. We can’t imagine also going out without wearing a mask. But what if it is not comfortable to wear? The cloth should be breathable and rash free. The general public can use cloth masks while medical workers need hospital-grade masks only. Face masks protect us from other’s expulsions like large spit droplets from coughing or sneezing. But how effective your mask is depends on the fabric.

People are also comfortable using a hand towel, old scarf, bandana, or coffee filter. So there are many options available now in the closet or drawer. You can also find them in any retailer shop or fabric store. But which one is best? How to decide? An overall study has shown that thicker and higher grade cotton reusable masks perform better than low thread count ones.

Here are certain things you should look for while using a reusable cotton mask:

1. Fabric

fabric - cotton masks - optamark

If it is about the fabric, the tightness of the weave matters a lot! At the minimum, you want a tight weave that does not show the fiber’s outline when you hold the material in light. A tighter weave is better, and studies show cotton fabric has outperformed a moderate thread count. Filter experiments also show 100% cotton outperforming synthetics.

Synthetic fibers are smooth at a microscopic level, whereas cotton fibers have a three-dimensional structure that creates additional barriers to stop both incoming and outgoing particles. We can use a multi-layer mask made of cotton and different material.

2. Style

style - cotton masks - optamark

Nowadays, we are getting a matching mask for the clothing we buy. Because cloth prints come in various colors, styles, and elastic to match the fabric with contrast colors, you can buy it according to your taste if you like to have any specific color. They are washable and can dry in the sun.

You can make your mask, but be sure to construct it properly. Make sure to pick one that resonates with you, like color or logo that matches your personality and clothes. When you try on clothes, sometimes it takes a few tries to reach the perfect fitting and comfort. But you cannot try on a mask and buy them like clothes.

3. Medical Grade Masks

medical masks - cotton masks - optamark

You can avoid using disposable and medical grade masks unless you get infected, are traveling or in any high-risk environment or profession. Usually, disposable masks are made of synthetic or plastic materials. You should not wear it daily or for a longer period, especially by children. Cotton fabric masks keep us safe without exposing much too toxic chemicals and will not produce plastic trash.

4. Fitting

fitting - cotton masks - optamark

No fabric is going to work if your mask does not fit properly. Suppose the mask leaks around the sides can degrade filter efficiencies by 50% or more. Such leakages do not exist with N95 masks if worn properly. The mask should hug your face by covering the nose as well as chin without any gaps. Each one’s face is shaped differently, so you may end up looking for different designs before you find the perfect one.

Sizes will be mentioned on the mask. While talking also, you need to use the mask, and you may constantly touch to adjust. There is a mask with a bendable nose strip that creates a tight seal and holds your mask in place. It also prevents your glasses from fogging up.

5. Breathability

breathability - cotton masks - optamark

Look for cotton multi-layered tight woven and polyester blend material or linen. They will allow you to breathe easily.

6. Moisture Wicking

moisture wicking - cotton masks - optamark

If the fabric is a soft material like cotton, it helps pull the moisture from the skin and keep it cooler.

7. Cords

cords - cotton masks - optamark

The cords for the face mask must be soft to touch and velvety on your skin. It can be removed easily and reused many times without affecting integrity. The cord may cause ear pain; they can trap the cords in the hair using a clip. Similarly, if the mask is loose due to your small face, connecting both the cords to a paper clip is a good option.

8. Cleaning

cleaning - cotton masks - optamark

You can remove the mask without touching its surface area. As a majority of virus particles will be on the front side, avoid touching that part. Take some hot water and keep the mask in it with detergent for one day. Later remove them and wash them thoroughly.

Mask for Kids

masks for kids - cotton mask - optamark

Parents must know what type of mask their child should wear. Children below two years old should not wear masks, and those who cannot remove their masks should not wear any masks. You can introduce masks to your little ones slowly and start at your home itself at short intervals. After that, take small trips with masks for a longer time. You can include them in play for young kids, like letting them teach a doll about wearing a mask and putting it on.

Size and Fitting

size and fitting - cotton mask - optamark

When it comes to the proper fit and size of child mask, the same guidelines are applied for adults. It should fit and cover the nose and under the chin without putting a gap at the sides. You may need to do certain experiments before you get the right one. Generally, children sized face masks will fit from the age of 3 to around ten, and smaller adults can be used from 14 years of age. Try to keep it fun with the children. If they feel upset or do not wear the mask, they continue to do that. If you make it fun, allow them to choose the color or print they want. You can also ask them to make their own with the material they like.

Yes, it is true cotton masks can be used for a longer time compared to others. They are reusable and stand long. But buying the best mask in which you can breathe easily is what matters. There are many varieties of masks coming in the market, but choose only the one comfortable for you.

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